Image by Mateusz Majewski

About TSVA

Taranova School of Vocal Art (TSVA) offers singing lessons, voice development and performance preparation.

Our Method:

Our program is based on the unique ergonomic vocal coaching method 'Voice your Imagination' developed by acclaimed opera singer Victoria Taranova. In our school you will learn:

  • Connect your Breathing, Posture & Thought

  • Discover and extend your Vocal Range

  • Control your Voice Dynamics

  • Connect and mix Vocal Registers

  • Build your Voice Mobility and Flexibility

  • Establish your own Voice Timbre

  • Learn Artistic Interpretation

  • Control Barriers and Enablers for a successful performance

Our programs include:

  • Vocal coaching for all levels

  • Voice training for professionals

  • Vocal Masterclasses and Workshops

  • Speech lessons

  • Music Theory

  • Royal Conservatory Exam Preparation

  • Auditions and exams preparation

  • Performance preparation

  • Demo tape preparation

  • Breathing-posture-thought training

  • Mental training and self-confidence building

  • Individual and group classes

  • Summer Camps