"Meeting Victoria was absolute pleasure! Not only she is amazingly talented, she is fun, educated and very passionate! You have to try for yourself to get hooked."

- Katya Agasiyants

"Love my vocal lessons with Victoria! I'm a complete beginner and thanks to Victoria I've already improved a lot in a very short time. This is the greatest investment in MYSELF I've had recently, and just hearing my voice and signing improve makes me feel like a better version of myself. Highly recommend for anyone whether you are a complete beginner or very advanced."

- Roza L.

"You think it's late to start singing after 40? Wrong! Friend of mine recommended Victoria as a vocal mentor based on great personal experience. I wanted to improve my voice to perform Russian folk tunes... and suddenly ended up singing baroque arias in somewhat full opera baritone. I didn't expect I had it. Victoria helped to unwrap well-hidden parts of my personality and opened the path to the new world of sound freedom. Much like a psychologist she carefully broke the inner blocks and helped me to find my true voice. So, it's never too late!"

- Maxim M.

"Victoria has a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul. 
I have been working with her for almost two months. I wish I found her earlier! She is a real professional and I feel I have made a lot of progress. My voice sounds like never before. She also provides informal mentorship and support every time I come for a class. She is teaching me to listen to my own body and develop self-awareness as well as appreciating the beauty of own voice. She is more than just a voice coach or a vocal teacher. I always look forward to our class and this is my retreat for the week, I always feel good during and after our session. She always finds a way to explain things so that I can understand even though I do not have any music background. But I think what I like the most about her, is that I don’t feel that I am just a customer or one of many business items on a list in her day. I feel she really puts her soul into her students and finds individual approach to each of us."


- Julia P.

"I have been taking lessons with Victoria for a few months and I have recommended her to some friends as well as their friends etc. I came to Victoria to work on my range. I’m amazed by her ongoing support and positive encouragement during our lessons. She is a very professional and knowledgeable coach, which is not a surprise provided her long and successful career in her field. I am excited for what is yet to come and about the results I am seeing so far."

- Anna C.

"I would like to highly recommend Victoria Taranova as a voice teacher.
I was looking for a voice teacher for my son and had a very specific task in mind when Victoria was recommended to me by another student of her’s. 
Victoria's  dedication to teaching and her love of music makes her very unique. She was willing to take a challenge as I needed a voice teacher who could help with my son’s speech.
My son has taken lessons from Victoria for one year now and I have to say that her knowledge and patience with him  makes his learning experience fun.I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught him, and hope she will continue."

- Natalia G.